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Aging With Care is a carefully curated database of senior living and elderly care facilities for U.S. citizens and their older adult loved ones.


We aim to arm people who are looking for senior care with the best, most accurate information possible about high-quality elderly care options.


To that end, we want to reflect this goal in each page on our website.


Find out how we adhere to providing high-quality information via our website by learning more about our editorial process below.

About Our Content Creation Process

At Aging With Care, we first choose topics to cover that are relevant and timely for our audience — people who are looking for elder care options for themselves or an elderly relative.

After we have identified these topics, we begin researching, writing, and editing them as web pages, blog posts, and other written materials to bring to you.

Prior to publishing any piece of content on our site, the piece is reviewed by at least three people for factual accuracy, time-sensitive information, clarity, and more.

Aging With Care only publishes information that is meaningful, up-to-date, and verified through credible sources for our audience.

How Do We Select Senior Living Topics to Feature?

Our team of senior living specialists is dedicated to mining topics that are only of the utmost interest and importance for our audience.

To do this, we take a deep dive into the places that hold the information that might be the most useful for our audience.

Some ways we hunt for relevant and recent senior care-related topics:

  • Reading reviews of treatment facilities we consider featuring
  • Mining for relevant topics in senior care and geriatric health research publications
  • Watching for news articles surrounding elderly care and treatment
  • Performing keyword research to unveil highly searched topics in this industry
  • Scouring forums for pertinent senior-related topics of discussion and interest

Once we have a list of topics, we break these into web pages, blog posts, and other content formats and begin the writing and editorial process.

Overall, our content aims to inform, educate, and raise awareness of the importance of high-quality long-term care options.

We want to make the process of finding the best short-term or long-term care for your parent, grandparent, or other loved one as easy as possible.

Aging With Care Content Writing and Editorial Process

The following is a refined breakdown of our writing and editorial process.

  • Research phase: Each piece we publish begins with thorough topic research from research databases, peer-reviewed journals, news sites, forums, and more. We will only cover topics that can be supported by evidence, facts, and research to offer the highest level of quality information for our audience.
  • Writing phase: Next, our highly experienced content writers craft a piece of content, combining writing skills, empathy, and expertise.
  • Editing phase: The web page or blog post is then reviewed by an editor for accuracy, clarity, language choice, structure, format, and other elements. Finally, the page is published and promoted to our audience.
  • Updating phase: As needed, we update content on a regular basis to ensure we keep up with new and emerging information in the long-term care field.

We are committed to providing the best information for anyone searching for senior care options. If you find any inaccurate or outdated information, we invite you to contact us at [LINK].

The Aging With Care Content Team

Aging With Care is fortunate to be backed by a team of highly experienced writers, editors, and content managers who create, edit, publish, and promote our content.

This team works hard to ensure only the most highly vetted care facilities and best in senior care information makes it to our readers.

The Aging With Care Content Purpose

Here at Aging With Care, our primary goal is to link people who need valuable and accurate information on senior care with everything they need to know, all in one spot.

Whether you want to know about specific facilities in your state, a certain type of senior care, or simply want more information about the different care options available — our content can connect you with the information you need.

Our Commitment to Senior Care Awareness

We recognize the need for high-quality care for older adults, and a source of information for that care that does not aim to take advantage of the most vulnerable, precious people in your life.

At Aging With Care, our greatest wish is to help people get their parents, grandparents, or other older loved ones into the care facility they deserve.

All of our content is driven toward this purpose, and reflects our commitment to raising awareness surrounding the ever-present need for accurate information on high-quality senior care.

Written by: Aging with Care Editorial Staff

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