Assisted Living Facilities In California

Assisted living in homes in California (AL homes) can provide many benefits for seniors with a higher level of independence. If your aging loved one needs help to complete activities of daily living, known as ADLs, an assisted living home can help.

With the help of assisted living services, your loved one can get help completing basic chores such as grooming, keeping their living area clean, taking their medication, and much more.

For residents that don’t currently have a medical condition that needs 24/7 care, assisted living homes can help them transition into older age. To find out more about assisted living communities, read below for information on:

  • what services are offered at an assisted living community
  • the difference between assisted living and independent living
  • where to find the best AL homes in California

What Is an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living facilities provide various services to help seniors complete day-to-day activities while still allowing them independence. Some services that you might see at an assisted living facility in California include:

  • Medication management: A nurse will provide reminders to your loved one to take their scheduled medication or refill prescriptions.
  • Transportation services: For seniors that can’t drive, an AL home will provide transportation services to get them to and from medical appointments.
  • Hygiene services: A residential assisted living facility will provide hygiene services such as bathing, laundry, and grooming for your loved one.
  • Meal preparation: For loved ones that need help preparing meals, remembering to eat, and sticking to a diet plan, AL facilities have staff and meal plans to help.

What Services Are Offered in California Assisted Living Homes?

Generally, the more expensive a senior assisted living facility is, the more services it will provide. However, most senior assisted living facilities already have a wide range of services they can offer for your aging loved ones. These include:

  • meal preparation three times a day
  • snacks available daily
  • routine room checks to ensure your loved one is staying safe
  • routine medication review and medication reminders
  • daily exercises classes
  • access to gyms and amenities like swimming pools and spas
  • outings to different areas such as community centers or events
  • movie or game nights for socialization
  • laundry services
  • housekeeping services

Assisted Living Vs. Independent Living in California

Assisted living facilities operate with the intention of still allowing your loved one to be independent for the majority of the day while providing help in other areas. For seniors that want total independence, there are senior living communities that offer independent living.

Independent living communities have no nursing staff available, no medication reminders or scheduled events, and seniors are expected to live independently. These independent living communities are available for people over the age of 55.

They can resemble typical apartment-style communities, or they can even be similar to a neighborhood with lower-priced homes. Most include an HOA fee or a fee paid to the local house authority.

Can I Bring My Pet to Assisted Living in California?

Many assisted living communities will accept pets along with their seniors. Pets play an important role in helping your loved ones stave off depression, get daily exercise, and have a trusted companion.

Service dogs should also be allowed, as they are trained to help people with disabilities complete daily activities. Your specific AL facility can answer questions about fees associated with pets, weight requirements, and other concerns.

Costs of Assisted Living in California

Although California is an expensive state, the costs for senior assisted living here does not vary drastically from the national average of $4,300 a month.

In areas such as Los Angeles, the cost of assisted living homes is $4,500 a month. In more expensive areas such as San Francisco, the cost can go up to $4,750 monthly. Still, the most expensive area to enroll your loved one in an assisted living home is Marin County, which tops off at around $5,800 per month. This county includes the areas of San Jose, Napa, and Santa Cruz.

On the lower end of the cost spectrum are areas such as Stockton, Riverside, and Bakersfield. These cities are hundreds of miles away from busy urban areas like Los Angeles, and the cost of AL facilities here is roughly $3,100 to $3,600 per month.

Paying for Assisted Living in California

Residents of California can help pay for a residential assisted living facility with the help of Medicare, Medicaid (in California, it’s known as Medical), private funds, and refinancing options.

Medicare is a type of health insurance that is federally funded. It is offered to people over the age of 65, people with disabilities, and people on dialysis. This insurance plan still requires a low, monthly premium, but it does offset some of the costs of assisted living homes. Medicare also covers costs for medication, medical equipment, and nursing staff if medically necessary.

Medicaid is a type of health insurance plan that is only offered to people with lower incomes. To qualify, you must meet a certain income threshold and apply to receive your benefits. Should your loved one increase their yearly income, Medicaid can be revoked. It can help pay for part of the costs of senior assisted living.

People can also use VA benefits, cash payment plans, or dip into their equity and refinance their homes to help pay for AL communities.

When Is it Time for Assisted Living?

If your loved one is now struggling with completing their daily activities, needs daily assistance but is unable to receive it, or is forgetting to take their medication, these could all indicate the need for an AL home.

To get the conversation started, you can speak with your loved one about their options. Provide additional support by offering them guidance in choosing the right assisted living facility in California and visiting different homes.

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