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For senior citizens and their loved ones, the aging process can bring about a variety of challenges. From deteriorating physical and mental health, to loss of friends, mobility, and socialization, living as a senior citizen can be difficult to do alone.

Assisted living facilities can help provide a safe and supportive environment for aging seniors that still want to maintain a level of independence.

An assisted living home is designed with an aging loved one’s health and needs in mind. Staff at these communities can help seniors complete their activities of daily living. These are also known as ADLs and include (but are not limited to) activities such as bathing, eating, taking proper medication, socialization, and more.

Although assisted living homes don’t provide 24/7 nursing care as a skilled nursing facility does, these communities do have nursing staff on hand in case of an emergency or to perform routine checks on your loved one.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • the average assisted living cost in Colorado
  • paying for assisted living in Colorado
  • how to talk to a loved one about assisted living
  • social opportunities and other services at an assisted living facility

What Is Assisted Living for Seniors?

Assisted living is a step up from independent living and a step down from a skilled nursing facility (nursing home). Senior assisted living homes provide various services to help aging loved ones live comfortably and safely, yet still maintain a level of independence. These services include:

  • Hygiene: If your aging loved one needs help bathing, a certified nursing assistant or other medical personnel at an assisted living facility in Colorado can help your loved one stay clean by helping them bathe, dress, and have clean clothes.
  • Meal-time help: Many seniors need to maintain special diets such as low-salt, low-sugar (diabetic diets), or other dietary needs. An assisted living facility can help prepare these meals, as well as provide them to your loved one three times a day. Many residential assisted living homes also provide daily snacks.
  • Medication management: Although your loved one might be able to administer their own medication, they might need help if they are forgetful. A nursing staff member at an assisted living home can set reminders for your loved one, as well as help them physically administer other medication, such as insulin.

What Services Are Provided in Assisted Living Homes in Colorado?

In addition to the above-mentioned services for activities of daily living, there are other services provided by an assisted living home that can provide robust, 24/7 care to your loved one. These can include:

  • daily exercise classes
  • scheduled meal times
  • trash removal services
  • daily housekeeping
  • help with mobilization
  • transportation services to and from doctor’s appointments
  • laundry services
  • 24/7 emergency medical care support
  • nursing staff

What Social Opportunities Are Provided at Assisted Living Homes in Colorado?

Socialization has been shown to reduce the impact and progression of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. As such, it’s important to find assisted living communities in Colorado that provide socialization opportunities. Many assisted living homes in Colorado provide:

  • meditation classes
  • yoga or other similar mobility classes
  • movie nights
  • dinner available in a social setting
  • card games
  • story nights
  • music gatherings
  • support groups if your loved one has a history of substance use, or are in recovery
  • outdoor outings or field trips
  • the ability to choose between a single room or having a roommate

The Cost of Assisted Living in Colorado

Assisted living cost in Colorado varies depending on the city. It can range between $3,800 and $4,750 a month depending on the area. Cities such as Colorado Springs and Fort Collins are on the lower end and cities such as Boulder and Denver on the higher end of the spectrum.

The less expensive communities are lower than the national average of assisted living in the United States, which is currently $4,300 per month.

Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Colorado

There are various ways to pay for assisted living facilities in Colorado. These include personal health insurance, cash funds, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Other sources of financial assistance include medical benefits for veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs, refinancing a mortgage, and payment plans.

If your loved one’s medical provider has suggested assisted living, your loved one can longer care for themselves completely independently, or they continue to forget their medication or suffer falls, these can all indicate the need for senior assisted living help.

How to Talk to a Loved One about Assisted Living

You should have a conversation with your loved one by putting the situation in clear language. Here’s how you can start the conversation:

  • Explain the benefits of senior assisted living, such as a safer environment and maintaining a level of independence.
  • Discuss the drawbacks of staying at home, such as an increased risk of injury, death, lack of mobility, and other important concerns.
  • Talk about financing options by sitting down with an assisted living community representative for help. This can help to ease financial concerns your aging loved one may have.
  • Tour different facilities with your loved one, and find the facility that best fits their needs.

Find an Assisted Living Facility in Colorado

Enrolling your loved one in an assisted living facility can make a big difference in their lives. Having access to a community, nursing care, and a safe environment can help to open up more possibilities for joy and fulfillment in your aging loved one’s life.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Browse our directory of assisted living homes in Colorado to find options for your loved one today.

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