Assisted Living Facilities In Idaho

Assisted living in Idaho helps by supporting activities of daily living for the residents. This can include help with mobility, basic care, meals, and laundry services.

People who are no longer able to live at home safely, but only need minimal support are great candidates for assisted living facilities. If your loved one doesn’t meet the criteria for nursing level care, but no longer feels safe at home alone, assisted living is a great opportunity.

There are varying amenities at each assisted living facility in Idaho, and you will want to take a careful look at what is offered. You will find the right assisted living community, but it’s important to know what is available to you.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to locate an assisted living facility in Idaho that is perfect for you or your loved one. We are here to answer some of the most common questions we encounter regarding senior assisted living communities in Idaho.

Below, you’ll find the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the cost of assisted living facilities in Idaho?
  • What types of rooms are available?
  • Are there additional services offered to residents of the facilities in Idaho?
  • What is included in the base rate for an assisted living community?

Assisted Living for Seniors in Idaho

Assisted living for seniors in Idaho offers a number of typical services for residents who live there. In most assisted living communities, you can expect:

  • meals provided three times a day
  • activities that offer enrichment, exercise, and socialization
  • transportation to any medical appointments
  • laundry and basic housekeeping services
  • management of your medication if you need support
  • salon services for haircutting and beauty needs
  • emergency medical care and nursing services
  • basic observation or safety checks on a routine basis

You will discover a number of support services offered by assisted living facilities in Idaho, and each place can be slightly different. Services for personal care needs, mobility issues, medical care, and transportation to doctor’s appointments are common supports in place.

The Cost of Assisted Living Facilities in Idaho

The average cost of living in assisted living in Idaho is $3,838. You can find assisted living communities within a wide range of costs when you search for assisted living in Idaho. The cost of each assisted living home will depend on the size of the place, and what type of amenities are offered.

You may need to pay a deposit fee upon entering a facility and pay additional amounts for cable, medication services, or WiFi. Take a look at the variety of amenities offered in the base fee, and see what the additional costs may be for services above and beyond the basic package.

Paying for Assisted Living in Idaho

The first way to pay for assisted living in Idaho is with private funds. For those with substantial savings, or who are selling a home, paying cash for assisted living is not a huge hurdle. However, not everyone has this type of funding available.

Here is what government programs may provide:

  • The Veteran’s Administration will help pay for costs beyond rent for veterans living in an assisted living facility.
  • Medicaid in the state of Idaho covers the cost of assisted living for those who qualify for the program.
  • Medicare does not cover the cost of assisted living in Idaho, but it may cover certain medical expenses.

Assisted Living Vs. Memory Care in Idaho

The biggest difference between assisted living and memory care in Idaho is the level of supervision you receive. For those with memory care needs, the environment is more restrictive than what you find in assisted living. While you may need medication reminders while living in assisted living, memory care involves more than reminders.

Memory care is for residents who are able to meet some of their own care needs, but no longer feel safe in assisted living due to increasing memory difficulties.

There are times when an assisted living facility will have a memory care unit within the building in order to meet the growing care needs of residents. This can make the transition from assisted living to memory care easier for your aging loved one.

Social Opportunities in Assisted Living in Idaho

Simply living among peers offers you plenty of social opportunities throughout the day. With common areas for recreation and dining, your loved one will often find people who are ready to socialize.

Activity schedules are often dynamic at assisted living facilities. You can ask to see a sample of the activity schedule of an assisted living community to learn more about what you can expect from specific places.

Your loved one can attend meals and eat in a family setting, go to activities throughout the day, and visit with other residents in the privacy of their own apartment. When you live in an assisted living community, you are no longer isolated from others with similar interests and needs.

Making the Decision to Move to Assisted Living in Idaho

The decision to move to an assisted living facility in Idaho is not always a clear one. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s time for your loved one to receive care at an assisted living home, look for the following:

  • Your loved one does not want to live at home alone anymore.
  • Support is needed to prepare meals, for personal grooming, or for laundry services.
  • Your loved one is isolated at home and requires socialization and mild observation at times for safety.
  • Your loved one has had one or more serious falls while home alone.

Researching Assisted Living Facilities in Idaho

We understand that the process of locating an assisted living facility in Idaho can be overwhelming. Our directory is full of assisted living solutions for you or your loved one so you can make the best choice.

Assisted living options in Idaho give your loved one the support necessary to live as independently as possible. With the right help, your loved one can thrive in a senior living community that provides basic assistance.

We are ready to help you locate the right senior assisted living facility for your needs. We’re here for you every step of the way during this process.

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