Assisted Living Facilities In Iowa

Organizations that provide assisted living services in Iowa offer assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) for seniors. These include, but are not limited to, medication management, meal prep, mobility, and some basic medical services.

Seniors who are not ready to live in a nursing home but need more assistance than they might receive in an independent living arrangement may find that assisted living strikes the perfect balance between the two.

If you are considering assisted living for a family member or loved one, you will find Iowa has many such facilities available regardless of where they live in the state. Many facilities offer individual rooms for their residents, communal spaces for socialization, recreation, group activities, dining services, and much more.

In the following sections, we will answer a number of commonly asked questions about assisted living homes in Iowa, including:

  • What services are provided at Iowa assisted living homes?
  • What is the cost of assisted living?
  • What are some of the available specialized care options?

What Is Assisted Living for Seniors?

At an assisted living facility in Iowa for seniors, you will find a wide spectrum of care and assistance services available, including activities of daily living. These include:

  • Personal care: Many assisted living homes may help senior residents with hygiene needs, grooming, and other activities associated with self-care. Many such facilities include barbershops, beauty parlors, and salons.
  • Mobility: Seniors who need help with mobility (such as assistance getting in and out of a wheelchair or mobility scooter, using a walker, or traveling to and from a doctor’s office) will find many assisted living facilities that offer such assistance.
  • Dining: Any assisted living facility in Iowa will provide three meals each day as a basic part of their services.
  • Medical aid: While it is important to keep in mind that an assisted living facility is not a nursing home, and medical care is limited, many will offer medical coordination services, assistance in using some topical treatments, oxygen supervision, and more.

Assisted living facilities provide a safe and predictable environment enabling your aging loved one to move gracefully through the stages of maturity. Should your loved one require help with common daily tasks, need emergency services, or have a fall, help will be readily available.

What Services Are Provided in Assisted Living Homes in Iowa?

Assisted living services strive to offer a complete list of solutions and services that seniors will require in their daily routines. Some are more oriented toward certain services than others.

This means you will need to consider your options carefully when choosing an assisted living facility. However, the following services are common to most, if not all, such facilities:

  • 24-hour nursing aid
  • housekeeping
  • laundry services
  • personal care assistance
  • emergency care
  • trash disposal
  • transportation
  • access to parks, shopping, and medical facilities
  • various classes and activities
  • activity rooms
  • private and communal dining
  • medication management
  • haircutting and beauty services
  • health and wellness assessments
  • daily wellness checks
  • outdoor activities

Assisted living homes may offer some services more than others in an effort to cater to a specific audience. When choosing an AL facility in Iowa, ask which services are most readily available to match the home to the needs of your loved one.

The Cost of Assisted Living in Iowa

According to a national survey, the average monthly cost of an assisted living facility in Iowa is just over $3,800. There are approximately 266 assisted living facilities in the state with price ranges averaging around that median number. We found averages for a number of major Iowa cities. They are as follows:

  • Ames: $3,964 per month
  • Cedar Rapids: $3,925 per month
  • Davenport: $3,865 per month
  • Des Moines: $3,950 per month
  • Dubuque: $4,100 per month
  • Iowa City: $4,175 per month
  • Sioux City: $3,050 per month
  • Waterloo: $3,975 per month

Compared to other states listed in the national survey, assisted living in Iowa is relatively inexpensive. With the exception of independent living, which does not provide help with daily living activities, assisted living facilities are the most affordable option for long-term senior care.

The various options for care types in Iowa come with the following price range averages:

  • Assisted living: $3,800 per month
  • In-home care: $4,576 per month
  • Nursing homes: $6,083 per month
  • Independent living: $2,300 per month
  • Memory care: $5,046 per month

Paying for Assisted Living in Iowa

If you need financial assistance to pay for assisted care in Iowa, you have a number of options available. Though Medicaid does not cover the cost of assisted living, there is an elderly waiver program available in the state.

The Iowa Elderly Waiver Program is part of the Home and Community-Based Services, which is a collection of waiver packages. To qualify, your loved one must:

  • require a level of care determined each year by the state
  • be a legal U.S. citizen living in Iowa
  • if single, earn a monthly income of no more than $2,250 with less than $2,000 in assets
  • if married, earn no more than $4,500 in monthly income and no more than $3,000 in assets

Any assisted care community you are considering may have special payment plans available for those who need them. Be sure to ask facility intake professionals about pricing and payment options.

When Is it Time for an Assisted Living Home in Iowa?

Determining when it is time to choose assisted living is a deeply personal decision that seniors and their families must make together. The right time to choose assisted living is when you or your aging loved one requires assistance with daily living, and such assistance cannot be provided by the family.

It is important to discuss these issues with your loved ones before the transition to a facility that caters to the next stage of senior living becomes an immediate necessity. You and your loved one should be ready to take the next step in elder care before her or his needs become serious.

How to Select the Right Assisted Living Home

Finding the right assisted living community depends on the individual care needs of your elder loved one. One facility may excel in mobility care, while another might focus on high-quality dining and community activities. The needs and expected quality of life of your senior loved one are critical considerations.

It is important to choose a facility with proximity to key medical care or that provides transportation to medical facilities. In many cases, this will be the most important deciding factor.

Finally, choosing a facility that meets your needs and falls into your price range is critical. A more expensive option may offer more amenities and services, but it may not be realistic to cover the monthly cost long term. There are plenty of affordable options that provide quality care for seniors.

Find an Assisted Living Home in Iowa

You’ve taken the first step toward helping your aging loved one by beginning the research process. Fortunately, there are facilities in Iowa with caring, supportive staff ready to take your loved one in whenever you’re ready.

Start your search by browsing our directory of assisted living facilities in Iowa. We’re sure you’ll find a community that meets your needs.

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