Assisted Living Facilities In Louisiana

In Louisiana, assisted living (AL) homes can provide a safe environment that can help put your mind at ease and support your loved one as they move toward more dependent living.

Assisted living communities are specially designed for seniors who want help to complete their activities of daily living (ADLs), but still want to maintain a greater sense of independence.

If you want to know more about senior assisted living facilities in Louisiana, the information below can help you find information on:

  • The difference between assisted living homes and memory care
  • Services offered by assisted living facilities
  • When it’s time to enroll your loved one in an AL home

What Is Senior Assisted Living?

Senior assisted living facilities can help improve an aging person’s quality of life by providing various services and help from nursing staff. Common services provided at a residential assisted living facility include:

  • Meal preparation: Your loved one will receive three meals a day and snacks that coincide with their dietary needs.
  • Medication management: Nursing staff will help your loved one remember to take their medication on time and at the proper dosage, therefore preventing overdoses. Studies have shown that a majority of drug overdose incidents were unintentional in the elderly population.
  • Transportation services: AL facilities will help transport your family member to and from doctor’s appointments.
  • Emergency medical care: Nursing staff will routinely check on your family member and provide emergency services in case of medical or other emergencies before emergency personnel arrives.

What Services Are Provided in Assisted Living Communities in Louisiana?

Assisted living services will vary based on the actual facility you choose to enroll your loved one in. These AL facilities will provide various services to help your loved ones complete their daily activities and keep them safe and comfortable. These services can include:

  • laundry services
  • housekeeping services
  • grooming services
  • medication management
  • emergency medical care
  • meal preparation
  • social gatherings
  • outings
  • amenities like gyms and spas
  • group exercise classes

Assisted Living Vs. Memory Care in Louisiana

AL communities in Louisiana are designed to help aging people live semi-independently while still remaining safe from medical emergencies, slips and falls, and getting help to complete their ADLs.

However, they do not provide comprehensive medical care services for seniors. Memory care facilities are those specifically designed to treat people with memory or neurological issues such as:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • dementia

All of these diseases can cause severe memory issues, potentially impacting your loved one’s ability to remember who they are or recognize familiar places and people. This puts them at increased risk for wandering off or hurting themselves. Memory care facilities are locked facilities that are closely monitored and keep your loved one safe.

Assisted Living Vs. Independent Living in Louisiana

Independent living is the lowest level of care available for seniors. Seniors who are part of an independent living community have no nursing staff on hand, meal preparation, or other services to
complete their ADLs.

These communities have reduced rent and mortgage rates and are designed for older people over the age of 55.

Independent living services should be reserved for seniors who:

  • need no help from nursing staff or medical care teams
  • can safely take medications on their own
  • have family that can help them complete their ADLs
  • are physically capable of grooming themselves, doing chores, and keeping themselves safe at home

Louisiana Assisted Living Cost

The average cost of attending a residential assisted living facility is less in Louisiana than the rest of the United States. Senior living costs in Louisiana average around $3,748 a month, which is about $1,000 less than the national average of $4,500 a month according to the life insurance company Genworth.

Different areas in Louisiana will cost more or less than this average. In Houma, the average cost of assisted living communities was $4,800 a month. In Monroe, Louisiana, the cost of AL facilities is about $2,650 a month, about $1,000 less than the rest of the state.

How to Pay for Assisted Living in Louisiana

Family members and older adults can pay for assisted living services using several financial assistance and health insurance options. Disability benefits and retirement for veterans is one option. Cash payments and selling a home are also viable options to offset costs for assisted living facilities.

You can also pay for assisted living services through:

When Is it Time to Enroll in Assisted Living?

If your loved one has been struggling to complete their ADLs on their own, has mobility issues, or has been told by a medical provider that it’s best they enroll in an assisted living facility, it’s time to start exploring options.

In addition, if your loved one has no family members or nursing staff that can help them remain safe at home, this is also an indicator that they need to enroll in an AL facility in Louisiana.

Find an Assisted Living Home in Louisiana

There are various types of living arrangements available for people in AL communities, and there are various ways seniors can use assisted living services to improve their overall quality of life.

To find the best assisted senior living home in Louisiana, browse our directory for options. Explore them with your loved one by your side, so you both can prepare for their transition into older age.

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