Assisted Living In Missouri

Residents who require assistance with daily tasks are cared for and supervised in assisted living facilities. If you’ve been looking into assisted living (AL) facilities for your loved one, you already know there are a lot of things to think about.

As your search progresses, you may find more questions rising to the surface. We want to help answer your questions and help you to find the right assisted living facility near you.

If you believe your loved one could benefit from daily living activities (ADL) assistance, then residential assisted living may be the best decision for them. We’ve compiled a list of Missouri assisted living information, costs, and services, so you can better understand what’s available.

Senior Assisted Living in Missouri

It is crucial to realize that AL facilities are not nursing homes. The main objective of assisted living services is to help patients with basic ADL duties, rather than concentrating primarily on medical care (which is the main service offered by nursing homes).

Oxygen and medication management (in addition to other medical treatments) may be provided by assisted living communities, as limited medical care is connected to ADL, but patients with more restrictive clinical standards will likely be referred to a nursing home instead for round-the-clock care.

Is your loved one still in reasonably good health and somewhat active? Do they need extra aid and attention with daily tasks? If so, an assisted living facility is probably your best bet.

A Day in the Life of Assisted Senior Living

As previously mentioned, the primary objective of residential assisted living is to offer patients care and assistance with ADLs. In essence, assisted living facilities give residents the means to go about their everyday lives with more ease, comfort, and confidence. ADL assistance includes preparing meals, assistance with mobility-related tasks, and assistance with personal care.

Since specific services offered may differ from facility to facility, it is a good rule of thumb to contact the home(s) you’re thinking about to ask specific questions regarding a service your loved one may need.

Good questions to ask include:

  • What specific services are offered at this assisted living home?
  • Are there any options for upgraded plans and additional services?
  • Can my parent bring a pet to this home?
  • What is the visitation policy at this assisted living facility?
  • Is there medical care available?
  • What financing options are offered here?

Specific Assisted Living Services in Missouri

Senior assisted living provides 24-hour care and protective services. This includes assistance with activities including:

  • dressing
  • bathing
  • transportation and mobility
  • medication management
  • meal services
  • social/physical activities
  • food sanitation

Upon arrival, your loved one will be provided with a detailed service plan that thoroughly describes what can be expected from day-to-day care at the facility of your choosing. Be sure to highlight any areas of the service plan you’d like altered for your loved one based on their unique needs. Service plans are always subject to modification as your loved one’s needs may change as they stay at their assisted living home.

What Do Assisted Living Costs Look Like in Missouri?

The monthly national average for assisted living is about $4,500. Fortunately, however, Missouri’s monthly rates are some of the lowest in the nation.

The monthly average of assisted living costs in Missouri is roughly $3,000. It is important to note that depending on the area in which you are living, prices may vary. Some of the average monthly AL costs in some major Missouri cities include:

  • Joplin, MO: $2,650
  • St. Louis, MO: $3,500
  • Jefferson City, MO: $3,525
  • Cape Girardeau, MO: $4,000
  • Kansas City, MO: $4,050
  • Columbia, MO: $4,410

Tips for Financing Assisted Living Costs in Missouri

We recognize that attempting to find a way to pay for assisted living expenses can be a daunting job. We’re here to help you learn how your loved one might be eligible for financial support for AL. First, we’ll discuss the distinctions between Medicare and Medicaid, since that is typically the first question people ask:

Medicare probably won’t pay for AL-related expenses because assisted living places more of an emphasis on helping residents with ADL, while Medicare places a greater emphasis on covering medical and clinical services. Medicare may cover some outpatient expenses like prescriptions and outside medical care/equipment, but it is unlikely to cover expenditures associated with in-home AL.

Medicaid, on the other hand, is more likely to cover the costs of services associated with assisted living. The Medicaid Option in Missouri is also referred to as MO HealthNet. For more information, you can also review services listed by the Division of Senior and Disability Services.

Missouri Medicaid also has a program known as Missouri Care Options (MCO), which may be another good option for your loved one. This program helps to provide “personal care assistance, homemaker services, nursing services, adult day care, and respite care.”

Additionally, the state of Missouri offers several Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waivers that you may be interested in for your loved one. These include:

  • Age and Disabled Waiver (ADW)
  • Supplemental Nursing Care (SNC)
  • Independent Living Waiver (ILW)

How to Tell When It’s Time for Senior Assisted Living

It’s only natural and entirely normal that we all require some extra assistance as we age. Making the decision to go from independent to assisted senior living is not a simple task. If your loved one is struggling with activities of daily living, then a residential assisted living community will likely be best for your loved one.

This includes trouble getting dressed, cooking, bathing, getting in and out of chairs or wheelchairs safely, and remembering to take medications.

Finding A Missouri Assisted Living Home

We are always available to help your loved one age comfortably and with dignity. For more information on specific services and rates, browse our Missouri assisted living home directory and find the right home for your loved one.

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