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As people get older, there will come a time when they will need a little help when it comes to activities of daily living. Assisted living homes can provide the services your elderly loved one will need when they begin to experience difficulties handling daily living tasks.

Assisted living communities provide the help many seniors need when it comes to managing their medications, preparing their own meals, or cleaning their living areas. Your loved one will be able to maintain their independence while having access to quality care whenever it is needed.

Many residential assisted living homes offer different types of living areas. Your loved one may have an option for a single room or a small apartment. They will also have access to an area where meals will be offered and they can socialize with other residents.

Let’s answer a few of the most common questions about assisted living facilities in Nevada:

  • What services are commonly offered by assisted living communities in Nevada?
  • How much do assisted living homes in Nevada cost?
  • What payment options do I have?
  • What specialized care is provided by Nevada assisted living homes?

Assisted Living Communities for Seniors

In Nevada, senior assisted living homes offer many types of care in terms of daily living activities. Personal care services include helping your loved one bathe, dress, and maintain a safe and clean living environment. Some facilities may even have a salon or barbershop.

Mobility often becomes an issue as your loved one gets older. Learning to rely on a wheelchair or walker can be frustrating, and sitting and standing may also become a problem. These mobility issues can also make it difficult for aging loved ones to prepare their own meals. Assisted living facilities can help to alleviate these challenges by providing three meals a day to ensure residents get the nourishment they need.

Assisted living homes typically provide basic medical services, such as emergency care and 24-hour nursing care. The nursing staff will also help with medication management. However, it’s important to note that assisted living staff will not provide the same level of care as nursing staff. If your loved one has a serious medical condition that requires full-time care, a nursing home may be a better fit.

When your loved one needs assistance, you want to make sure they are in an environment where all of their needs will be met. Assisted living facilities in Nevada provide a safe place where they can enjoy every aspect of their lives.

Assisted Living Facilities in Nevada and the Services They Offer

Assisted living facilities in Nevada offer a range of services to their residents. While these services vary from facility to facility, the majority offer many of the most basic activities for daily living.

These services include:

  • housekeeping
  • trash removal
  • laundry
  • transportation
  • assistance with dressing, bathing, and other self-care tasks
  • activities (inside and outside)
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • management of medications
  • emergency care
  • private and public dining areas

If you want to learn about what each facility offers, call and schedule a consultation and tour. You will be able to talk to the staff about what services will be offered and what the potential monthly cost will be.

Who Can Go to Assisted Living in Nevada?

Many Nevada assisted living homes accept residents aged 60 to 65 and up; however, assisted living isn’t for everyone. Individuals who are still quite independent may not need assistance. The idea behind this type of facility is to help aging loved ones who are transitioning from an independent living arrangement to a place where they can get the help they need while still being able to efficiently manage other areas of their life.

When a person can no longer take care of themselves safely or they begin to have difficulty with memory, they will begin to transition from assisted living to the next phase. If they are having trouble with basic care, a nursing home may be the answer. If they have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, then a memory care center will be recommended.

Cost of Nevada Assisted Living Homes

The average monthly cost of assisted living homes in Nevada is approximately $3,750 — this is lower than the national average of about $4,500. The level of care that the resident requires will be the first factor when it comes to cost. The location may also influence the price.

When specialized care is needed, the cost will continue to rise. In some cases, the cost may exceed $8,000 per month if your loved one needs extensive physical therapy or medical care for chronic health conditions.

Payment Methods That Cover Assisted Living in Nevada

Multiple payment methods can be used to cover the cost of assisted living in Nevada. Residents will be responsible for a portion of the monthly cost. This will be dependent on the cost of the facility as well as any programs or waivers offered by the state that they may be eligible for.

Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veteran’s Administration can cover a portion of the cost if your loved one meets their eligibility requirements. If you need help determining the total cost and how it will be divided up, contact the facility and they will help you sort things out.

When Is it Time for Assisted Living?

A good time for assisted living is when you notice that your loved one is no longer capable of handling simple daily living tasks. If a resident has difficulty with mobility or caring for themselves, an assisted living community may be just what they need.

In many cases, your loved one may realize that they need assistance and ask to be placed in an assisted living home. They will be able to remain on their own in as private an area as possible, while still receiving the level of care they need.

Struggling to cook a meal or not being able to care for themselves physically are often the first clues. These changes take place gradually. It’s important to monitor your loved one so that you notice changes as they occur.

Talking to a Loved One About Assisted Living Communities in Nevada

Talking to a loved one about assisted living communities in Nevada can be difficult if they aren’t open to the suggestion. Getting them to admit that they may need help can be a challenge. Your aging loved one may feel shame over the loss of control over their own agency or fear that they will lose their independence entirely.

The benefits may outweigh their concerns when they realize that they will be able to live as independently as possible. They can live on their own in an assisted living facility or home that allows them to get the assistance they need immediately without taking away their control.

How to Find the Right Assisted Living Home in Nevada

Before you choose a facility, take your loved ones on a tour so that they can get a feel for the place. You want your loved one to feel comfortable and safe, as well as be able to live their life to its fullest capacity.

We’re here to make the process easier for you and your family. Take a look at our directory of assisted living homes for seniors in Nevada to get started.

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