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When a loved one begins to experience difficulties performing activities of daily living, assisted living might be the right fit. These day-to-day life skills include being able to prepare their own meals, manage their medications, take care of their home, and perform basic acts of self-care.

Assisted living apartments give seniors an opportunity to remain in control of their lives for as long as possible. Independence is a priority for many seniors, even though they may need help taking care of certain tasks.

Assisted living facilities offer different types of accommodation. Some offer private rooms while others provide small apartments as well as community areas for eating and gathering.

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Assisted Living Options for Seniors

In New Jersey, senior assisted living homes provide different types of care when it comes to daily living skills. One of the most important of these is self-care. Personal care and care for their living environment are musts for good health. This includes showering, laundry, dressing, and keeping their home clean.

Mobility is often a challenge. Getting in and out of chairs or learning how to use a wheelchair or walker can be a struggle. Transportation is also more difficult when they can no longer drive their own vehicle.

In New Jersey, three meals a day plus access to a small kitchen in their apartment are top priority services. Many assisted living facilities offer 24-hour nursing care as well as emergency services. Medication management is also part of the care plan.

An assisted living community in New Jersey provides an environment where your loved one will feel safe and secure. It gives your loved ones an opportunity to live life to the fullest as they transition through the final stages of their lives.

Services Offered by Assisted Living Communities in New Jersey

Many facilities offer assisted living services to New Jersey residents that allow them to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

New Jersey assisted living facilities offer many of the following services:

  • housekeeping
  • public and private dining options
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • emergency care
  • transportation
  • laundry
  • trash removal
  • group activities (indoor and outdoor)
  • bathing, dressing, and grooming

Each facility is unique in what it offers to its residents. Call and talk to a representative to find out what each facility offers in terms of amenities and services. Take a short tour and talk to both the staff and the residents to discover what they say about the facility you are interested in.

What Social Opportunities Are Available at Assisted Living Homes in New Jersey?

Assisted living homes in New Jersey offer a wide variety of social opportunities for their residents to take part. They can participate in scheduled outings or access transportation to different functions being held throughout the community.

Many assisted living facilities hold classes and group activities on the grounds. Residents can participate in these activities or gather in groups on their own to play games, put together puzzles, or socialize with one another.

What Specialized Care Is Offered at Assisted Living Homes in New Jersey?

Specialized care is much more than simply caring for chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. It can also include physical therapy that may be needed if a bone is broken or if a person has suffered from a stroke.

Memory care is much different from assisted living. It requires a much higher level of care. A memory care facility is better suited for individuals who have dementia or Alzheimer’s.

When a loved one is having difficulty performing simple activities in daily living due to a health condition, assisted living with special care options may be the answer. Residents who have experienced a stroke or diabetic amputation may be able to live independently in an assisted living home.

How Much Does Assisted Living in New Jersey Cost?

Residential assisted living homes cost, on average, about $6,495 per month. This is about $2,000 more than the national average of $4,500 monthly. It is possible to find more affordable care options, the cost will depend on the level of care and the location of the facility. It will also depend on the size of residence your loved one chooses, whether it is a single room or more of an apartment.

A highly specialized service plan can raise the price of an average room to $8,000 or higher. The more care a resident needs, the higher their monthly cost will be.

Payment Options for Assisted Living in New Jersey

Several methods of payment are accepted by assisted senior living communities in New Jersey. It’s important to consider that all residents will pay for a portion of their assisted living costs out of their own pocket, but there are many state programs that offer waivers to cut the cost.

The Veterans Administration, Medicare, and Medicaid will also provide assistance if needed. These methods may not pay the entire monthly bill, but they will make the cost much more affordable. Discuss each payment method with a representative at the facility to get a better idea of what the overall cost will be.

When Should I Consider Assisted Living for My Loved One?

It can be hard to decide when assisted living is needed, especially when your loved one wants to maintain as much independence as possible. The fact is, it will be safer for them to live in an environment where they have access to the assistance they need.

When the signs become apparent, it’s up to you to help your loved one make the best choice. Bringing up the subject of assisted living in casual conversation will allow you to discuss many of the benefits your loved one will have access to if they choose to move.

Finding the Perfect New Jersey Assisted Living Home

When you begin your search for the perfect assisted living home in New Jersey, it’s important to have your loved one join you on the journey. This will be their future home, so having them play an active role in choosing the right facility can ease the stress they may feel as they transition to an assisted living facility.

Give your loved ones a chance to maintain the highest quality of life possible by helping them get into the right assisted living facility. You can start by reviewing our full directory of assisted living facilities in New Jersey. We’re here for you every step of the way as you transition your loved one into a proper home.

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