Aging With Care Criteria

We understand that individuals will have diverse senior care needs, so we list a variety of senior living providers, ranging from upscale options to affordable, yet comfortable alternatives. Each senior care provider in our collection meets the following criteria.

Comfortable Amenities and Accommodations

At a minimum, providers must offer comfortable, clean, and safe environments for all aspects of the senior living experience, including residences and communal areas.

We consider providers to be more appealing the more amenities they offer—such as communal spaces, access to nature, and well-prepared meals—and the more their accommodations cater to seniors’ needs, such as comfortable interiors, housekeeping, and accessible bathrooms.

Qualified Staff

Senior living providers must employ qualified staff according to a person’s position. For example, we expect to see a Facility Director with years of experience, formal training, and relevant certifications related to senior care and health management.

Comprehensive Care Programs

Since seniors may find certain care approaches and services more suitable than others, our collection includes a variety of providers. For example, care approaches may include assisted living, memory care, holistic wellness, and personalized care plans, among others.

Typically, through the lens of the core care philosophy, senior living providers offer a multifaceted list of services, and their staff members possess diverse skills to cater to seniors’ needs and preferences. The more well-rounded a care program is to meet a client’s needs, the more appealing we consider the provider.

Utmost Respect and Confidentiality

Providers must respect seniors, and part of that respect is maintaining their privacy and confidentiality. We expect senior living providers to uphold the highest standards in terms of respecting residents’ dignity and safeguarding their personal information.

*Information about the senior care providers appears based on data submitted to our platform and our own research about each provider. This may or may not include an on-site visit. We cannot guarantee the quality of care or outcomes for any listed provider. Please exercise due diligence when selecting a senior care provider.

Written by: Aging with Care Editorial Staff

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