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Our mission is to help seniors and their families find quality care options for optimal living and peace of mind.

Launched in 2022, AgingWithCare.com is dedicated to providing seniors and their families with reliable and unbiased information to help them find the best care and living options available for their individual needs. As your guide to senior care, we aim to provide objective and educational resources that will empower you to make informed decisions about senior living communities, care providers, and other senior care services.

Independent & Unbiased

We are not affiliated with any senior living or care providers, nor do we own or operate any such facilities. Our focus is solely on providing factual information about different providers and care approaches to help you choose the best care option for your unique situation.


At AgingWithCare.com, we are committed to ethical marketing practices. We believe in transparency, which is why we do not charge per lead or referral, nor do we list a central phone number. We clearly mark advertisements to ensure that our site visitors can make informed decisions without being misled. Furthermore, we always provide direct contact information for care providers of your choice, so you can reach out to them directly and make the best decision for your loved one’s needs.

By embracing ethical marketing practices, we aim to set a new industry standard for how the senior living and care industry connects individuals to care providers. Our focus on directly connecting individuals with care providers of their choice rather than shopping them around to the highest bidder is our way of ensuring that seniors and their families receive the best possible care without any undue influence or pressure. We believe that this approach will not only benefit those seeking care, but also benefit the industry as a whole by promoting transparency and building trust between care providers and those in need of care.

Why Choose AgingWithCare.com for Senior Living and Care?

When it comes to finding the right care and living options for seniors, there are many paths to consider. For some, an upscale and comfortable setting provides an ideal environment for getting the most out of their care experience.

AgingWithCare.com is a carefully curated collection of senior living communities and care providers from around the US. We provide reliable information about each option in one place, so you can take time to consider your options and directly connect with the providers you feel are the best fit for you or your loved one.

We help you find care options you can trust. All the providers listed on our site are thoroughly vetted to meet our specific criteria and ensure that we only recommend reputable and reliable care options for seniors.

How do Senior Living providers become part of the collection at AgingWithCare.com?

AgingWithCare.com lists any senior living community or care provider that meets our specific criteria for quality, reliability, and reputation for free. We thoroughly vet each option to ensure that we only recommend the best and most trustworthy options available.

In addition, we offer clearly marked advertising options for providers who wish to increase their visibility and reach a larger audience. We believe in transparency.

Written by: Aging with Care Editorial Staff

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