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Our mission is to help families find superior senior care options for their senior loved ones that foster optimal quality of living and peace of mind.

Launched in 2022, Aging With Care is dedicated to providing seniors and their families with reliable, unbiased information on senior living and other care options.

Our goal is to serve as your complete guide to care for older adults.

We value providing objective, educational resources on both short-term and long-term elderly care facilities.

Armed with this information, you can make better-informed decisions about senior living communities, care providers, and other senior care services.

How We Provide Fact Based Senior Care Information

Aging With Care is not affiliated with any senior living or care providers, nor do we own or operate any such facilities.

Our sole focus is on providing factual information about senior care providers and care approaches to help you choose the best option for your unique situation.

Find out more about our writing and editorial process.

How We Provide Ethical Senior Care Information

At Aging With Care, we are committed to ethical marketing practices.

By embracing ethical marketing, we aim to set a new industry standard for how the senior care industry connects people to care providers.

Here’s how we adhere to ethical marketing for senior care options:

  • By directly connecting you with senior care providers of your choice
  • Never selling our visitor information to any provider or third party
  • Ensuring that seniors and their families receive the best information possible for elderly care options without undue influence or pressure

Our ethical approach not only benefits you or your elderly loved one. It also benefits the industry as a whole by promoting transparency and building trust between senior care providers and people in need of care.

Commitment to Transparency

Aging With Care believes in transparency, which is why we do not charge for leads or referrals on our website. In other words, we will not be selling your information.

Instead, we charge facilities to advertise to you. Yet we only accept advertisements from high-quality care facilities which undergo a thorough vetting process.

We also do not list a central phone number. You cannot contact us regarding care, as we will not be referring you to a treatment facility.

Unlike other senior care marketing business models, we do not have a vested interest in selling your information as a way to make a profit.

People seeking care from facilities listed on our website will be directed to the facility website — there is no selling of your information or black hat sales tactics behind the scenes.

Advertising Management

We clearly mark advertisements to ensure that our site visitors can make informed decisions without being misled.

On our site, you will have no issue recognizing an advertisement from a facility listing, and you will understand where every link is taking you.

Provider Contact Information

Further, we always provide direct contact information for the care providers we feature. This information includes the phone number, facility location, and website address.

That way, you can reach out to the facility directly and make the best decision for your loved one’s needs, without our interference.

Why Choose Aging With Care for Senior Living and Care Information?

When it comes to finding the right care options for seniors, there are many paths to consider.

Aging With Care offers a carefully curated collection of senior living communities and elder care providers from around the U.S.

We provide reliable information about each option, all in one place. You can take time to review each option and reach out to the providers you feel are the best fit for you or your loved one.

We help you find care options you can trust through our careful selection process.

All the providers listed on our site are thoroughly vetted to meet our specific facility selection criteria. That way, we only recommend reputable and reliable care options for seniors.

Some ways we vet senior living and other care facilities include:

  • Checking for proper licensing
  • Looking at facility accreditations and certifications
  • Reviewing facility ratings from past clients and family members
  • Checking for facility complaints, such as nursing home abuse or staff member issues
  • Ensuring each facility we list offers a high standard of senior care

How Do Senior Living Providers Become Featured by Aging With Care?

Aging With Care lists only senior living communities or care providers that meet our specific criteria for quality, reliability, and reputation.

All providers are featured on our site free of charge, if they meet our selection criteria.

Facilities must undergo our vetting process before being listed — this helps us ensure we only promote the most trustworthy senior care options available.

Senior care facilities that wish to be featured on our sites can do so through two avenues: claiming a listing or becoming a verified listing.

Find out more about our claiming and verification process.

The Aging With Care Promise

Growing older, while a privilege, is a time that can be fraught with fear of the unknown. This is especially true if you or your loved one do not have a plan for where you will spend your golden years.

At Aging With Care, we want to serve as your trusted resource during this most important final phase of life.

From information on the best senior living and care options, to senior resources, and the newest information in the senior care space, we want to be here for you and your family through it all.

Our site can provide you with not only information about various care options, but the latest in geriatric research, medical care information, low-cost housing, and so much more.

More than 1,700+ people trust our carefully researched information and our senior care site experts for any and all topics regarding aging. Our promise to you is to remain your top resource in the aging space and to serve as your senior care guide every step of the way.

Age with grace, dignity, and peace of mind with Aging With Care at your fingertips.

Written by: Aging with Care Editorial Staff

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