Aging With Care’s Claimed and Verified Profiles

Finding high-quality long-term care for your senior loved one is a crucial task.

To find the right facility, you need access to information about the best facilities in terms of treatment, cost, services, and other considerations.

That’s why Aging With Care undergoes a rigorous process for listing long-term care facilities on our site.

Each care provider has been vetted using a number of selection criteria, and facilities can be marked as ‘claimed’ or ‘verified’.

Claimed vs. Verified Long-Term Care Facilities

All nursing homes, assisted living, and other senior care providers on Aging With Care have been vetted for quality.

But the way facilities gain their high-quality status differs. Here’s what to know about how facilities earn designation on our website.

Claimed Facilities

A ‘claimed’ facility refers to one that has connected with the Aging With Care research team to confirm that the information listed on the facility’s profile is correct.

We reach out to the facility to ensure we have only accurate information, including:

  • Treatment provider name
  • Treatment provider address
  • Treatment provider phone number
  • Program costs
  • Length of operation
  • Maximum occupancy

Find claimed facilities by looking for the ‘claimed’ checkmark next to the facility name on their profile.

Note: A profile must be claimed before they can undergo verification.

Verified Facilities

Verifying a facility means taking the extra steps to ensure the facility is legitimate, provides high standards of care, and offers full transparency for services and facilities.

The Aging With Care research team verifies long-term care facilities by checking into:

  • Licensing information
  • Legitimacy of all accreditations, certifications, memberships, and awards
  • Transparency in room quality, food quality, recreational areas, and other facility areas
  • Recency and accuracy in listed services
  • Staffing information (i.e. any pending allegations or cases involving facility staff)
  • Client ratings and testimonials

Find verified facilities by looking for the ‘verified’ checkmark next to the facility’s profile.

Note: All treatment providers that advertise on our website must go through the verification process.

Why Are There Facility Ads?

In addition to becoming a verified listing, some treatment providers prefer to advertise on our site as well.

Placing an ad helps the treatment provider gain more exposure to people who need their services.

Yet rest assured — all advertisers on the Aging With Care website hold verified listings.

Here is how we stay ethical while advertising long-term care treatment providers:

  • We never charge for any leads or referrals gained from our site.
  • All advertisements are clearly marked “Ad” for full transparency.
  • All phone numbers provided for a facility are the direct contact numbers for the facility.

Why Are Some Treatment Providers Not Claimed?

We aim to provide the most accurate information about high-quality long-term care — and that process takes time.

Any treatment providers without a claimed or verified checkmark have not yet been verified by the Aging With Care research team.

You can still contact the treatment provider to learn more about their services, but they have not been fully vetted by our team (beyond the initial research used to create their profile).

Unclaimed profiles will have an unclaimed badge next to their facility name.

Written by: Aging with Care Editorial Staff

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